Essential Digital Marketing Tools & Tactics

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By now, you’re probably aware that there isn’t one silver bullet for marketing your brand or delivering ROI. Sure, going viral on Instagram or TikTok might help a B2C brand, but realistically for most B2B brands, we know that a combination of carefully chosen tactics reaps the best result.

The good news is that there are many ways in which you can improve your brand’s marketing some small some big – we hope you take the plunge with something different this year!

In this article, we highlight some of the most common trends and tactics marketers will be using to achieve exceptional ROI in 2020. It’s a new decade – let’s make your marketing strategies fit for the new roaring twenties!

Email – it’s not dead!

Almost considered a marketing dinosaur but now having a huge resurgence – email marketing is still one of the top choices for marketers. High ROI and low implementation cost make this tactic an ongoing trend in 2020. ​Surveys say t​ hat email marketing can be credited for 39% of inbound leads – beating both SEO and Social Media! Watch out for highly personalised calls to action, embedded forms and media featuring more in email throughout 2020. Email automation tools like Hubspot, MailChimp and Campaign Monitor will continue to be popular in 2020.

Social Media

Improving your social media presence with a solid strategy is a common trend that isn’t going anywhere in 2020. 73% of marketers use social media as part of their plan.

For B2B, LinkedIn is a popular choice due to the way you can reach thousands with little to no investment in advertising. This is thanks to the generous way LinkedIn allows you to reach not only your followers but the entire ecosystem through hashtags, groups and pages.

Keep your eyes on popular Gen-Z mega-platform ​TikTok​- there are already some unlikely brands using this newcomer and achieving great results.


Your website is the number one starting point and the best tool in your kit bag to convert interested prospects into customers. Think of your website as the epicentre of everything your brand represents; every other marketing tactic will exist to drive customers here to learn more about you and your products.

With 36% of all leads coming from search engine optimisation (SEO) and 25% from Pay Per Click (PPC), these channels and tactics are not to be ignored.


Graphic design and the use of infographics has grown over the last decade and will continue to be an integral part of all marketing activity. With great design and visualisation, customers are more likely to read or click through your carefully curated blogs and other marketing materials.

A study has determined​ that poorly designed websites are often not read, trusted or visited for any length of time. “Poor interface design was particularly associated with rapid rejection and mistrust of a website”.

Content Marketing

Lastly, content marketing continues to play a massive role in any marketing mix. When it comes to B2B, this is the number one way to build all-important trust and authority within your target audience. Listing third in the area of marketing most heavily invested in – content marketing is a heavyweight contender in your toolbox.

If you started a blog in 2019, consider branching out into downloadable booklets, webinars or video – all of which could help to build your database in 2020.

Look out for unlikely brands moving towards video as a mainstay. According to a ​recent survey​, Video Marketing is the third most popular strategy for 2020 after personalisation (1) and Account-Based Marketing (2).

In conclusion

None of those mentioned above tactics may seem mind-blowing or new to you, but all play a part in delivering ROI. Here at Rapport Digital, we recommend a mix of marketing that will ensure you are talking to your audience in the way that best suits you.

We can help your accountancy firm improve all of the above marketing tactics and develop a personalised digital marketing strategy. Every strategy is different depending on the goals you have set out as a company – the right combination of digital marketing tactics can help you reach these goals faster.

Crucially, when you work with us, we will identify the best tactics, and monitor results to modify activity based on outcomes. Let’s have a cracking 2020!

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