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Website Hosting Services for Accountants & Accounting Firms

Lightning-fast website hosting you can count on. Affordable, ultra-reliable & high-performance.

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Website hosting services that won’t let you down

Low-quality hosting can have a dramatic impact on your business. Slow loading times, security breaches, reoccurring downtime – all of these things will scare your customers away for good. So, how do you avoid this happening to you?

That’s where we come in. With Rapport Digital, your website will be hosted on award-winning UK servers with world-class security and 24/7 support. Together, we’ll build a safe foundation for your business.

But we’re more than just a safe pair of hands. Our high-performance hosting service is known to improve your search engine rankings. First, we make sure your customers find you – and then we make sure they stick with you. Why would they look for another website when yours ticks all the boxes?

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Award-winning servers with world-class security

So much more than website hosting!

Website hosting services that tick all the boxes

Fast loading times and impenetrable security are our main priorities, but our website hosting services don’t stop there. Our hosting services are chock-full of handy extra features for accountants and accounting firms, from high-encryption secure payments that safeguard customer orders to hosted email services that strengthen your brand presence.

Even better, we offer an arsenal of website statistics and monitoring tools so you can keep track of your site’s performance. Want to set new KPIs? Maybe revise your advertising spend budgets? Our hosting services let you do all that from a single, hassle-free dashboard.

Our process

1. Discovery

For us, the client’s requirements always come first. That’s why our first step is to arrange a chat where we’ll find out all that you require from your new website host.

2. Proposal

We’ll put together a website hosting proposal including all our recommended services and associated costs. Whether you’re after a comprehensive hosting package or a tailor-made hosting plan, we can provide all the services you require.

3. Migration

If you’ve already got an existing website, don’t worry. As part of our full-service website hosting services, we can handle every step of your site migration to ensure that there is no downtime.

4. Set-up

Time to get you up and running! Once we’re on the same page regarding the services you require, we’ll take all the necessary steps to get your website live. From secure card transactions and regular backups to social media integration, we’ll make sure your site is always at its best.

5. Monitoring

Once your website has gone live, we’ll monitor every single aspect of its performance. This will allow us to tweak your settings to ensure that you achieve the best possible results. Thanks to our monitoring features, you’ll have access to in-depth website stats to help with your online and offline marketing campaigns.

6. Support

At Rapport Digital, we know better than anyone that maintaining a website is no walk in the park. That’s why our knowledgeable and friendly technical support team will always be on hand to help you with any issues that might arise.

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A whole host of grade-A solutions!

With more than 10 years’ experience in website hosting services, we’ve helped many accountants and accounting firms across the UK get ahead of the competition. How? It’s simple. By providing our clients with lightning-fast loading times for their websites – as well as plenty of safety features, regular backups and immediate support. Sound good? Then get in touch today to arrange a discovery session and see what we can do for you.

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Website Hosting FAQs

Need more info before getting started? Take a look at the frequently asked questions…

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. In the end, the cost of our hosting services will depend on the features you require. What we can guarantee is that our hosting services will be worth every penny. Thanks to super-fast loading speeds and user-friendly features, our website hosting solutions will make customers flock to your website.

Not at all. Having an unreliable web hosting supplier can cause great damage to your business. Let us explain why. According to recent research, customers expect websites to load in just a few seconds. On top of fast loading, they also demand full availability, user-friendly features and safe payment options. So, if you want your website to remain competitive, investing in good website hosting is an absolute must.

Extremely safe. By hosting your website on our servers, you’ll get an SSL certificate – meaning the privacy and integrity of your data will always be ensured. On top of that, we only use award-winning UK servers – famous for preventing any security threats and fighting cyber-attacks in a matter of seconds. 

Search engines are extremely intelligent. They’re programmed to look for websites that always provide a good user experience. So, if your website is slow, frequently down or has security issues, search engines will look elsewhere. On the contrary, great hosting will make search engines love your website. 

Of course you can. In fact, at Rapport Digital we specialise in server migration. No matter who your old provider is, we’ll scan your previous systems several times to ensure that everything is carried over. We’ll also make sure that your migration is smooth as possible, so you don’t experience any downtime at all.

Yes – no website is too niche for us. At Rapport Digital, we host a wide array of different websites – from single-page, static sites to interactive sites with thousands of internal links.

Yes. Unlike other hosting providers, we offer SSL certificates that work with all browsers – from Chrome and Safari to Edge and Firefox. We strongly recommend that you add an SSL certificate to your hosting package. Apart from letting your customers know that you’re a trustworthy business, an SSL certificate will make your website more appealing to search engines.

As a full-service web host, we will back up your website on a daily basis. Every backup will be retained for 3 months – meaning you can return your website to a previous version if anything goes wrong. And because they’re available 24/7, our backups can help you restore your website at any point in case a security issue comes up.

Yes. At Rapport Digital, we’re a full-service digital marketing agency equipped with all the right tools to take your online business to the next level. From help with your SEO strategy to expert advice on PPC campaigns, we can help you to get your brand’s website in front of the right eyes.

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