6 Critical Benefits of PPC Management for Small Businesses

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If you’re a small business, navigating the world of PPC digital marketing may well feel overwhelming. Between demystifying the acronyms and getting on board with data analytics, the whole process of PPC might put you off using it full stop.

But PPC management for small businesses needn’t be a hassle. In fact, there are many benefits to employing an paid search agency that will streamline and perfect your company’s PPC strategy and scheme, saving you precious time and money, and giving you peace of mind in knowing that your business is in good hands.

What is PPC?

Getting to grips with the acronyms of digital marketing is the first step on the way to PPC management for small businesses, as it’s often the jargon that can feel most alienating.

PPC stands for ‘pay per click’. Essentially, this is a form of digital marketing designed to drive customers to your website via paid adverts. Companies will place adverts on a host platform – typically a search engine such as Google – which they will pay whenever their ad is clicked on. Because these ads are generated around well-search keywords, clicks from PPC campaigns can be highly lucrative, as they actively respond to customer needs.

The benefits of PPC management for small businesses

It may feel like committing to a potentially expensive PPC scheme is an unjustifiable cost for small businesses, but in fact, it can be lucrative in many ways.

1. Reaching a wider audience in a targeted way

The beauty of PPC is that you’re targeting customers who are already searching for your product or service. PPC campaigns use keywords, demographics, location and other factors in order to hone in on your desired audience and their search behaviours, thereby reducing your business’s collateral spending on disinterested customers.

2. Cost and time effective

Making the most of a PPC management strategy can have financial benefits for small businesses. In-house PPC campaigns in small businesses can lead to colossal amounts of wastage, both in terms of time and money, and may impact a company’s overall profitability as a result. But PPC management agencies are experts in the field, and will design and deliver a campaign that uniquely responds to your company’s needs, saving you those precious pennies and minutes, which can then be diverted elsewhere.

By using their knowledge and expertise to construct a successful campaign, a PPC agency is more likely to deliver a stellar return on investment (ROI) than if you were to attempt PPC management on your own.

Plus, because your business only pays when someone clicks on your ad, you’re not pouring needless funds into disinterested audiences or non-lucrative keywords.

3. Building brand awareness

By generating website traffic, PPC management schemes for small businesses can result in increased leads for your business, and is likely to boost your sales and conversions. Once you’ve garnered detail on your customer habits and behaviours, you can then use this knowledge in future digital marketing schemes, too.

Plus, PPC can help to build brand awareness in a key way. This is critical if your company is located in an over-saturated market or industry. Building your brand’s name is vital, and even if customers don’t (yet) click on your ads, they’ll nonetheless have seen your business in their keyword search.

4. Faster feedback

There’s a lot to be said for building and maintaining an effective organic SEO scheme and strategy for your small business – but a PPC management scheme will give you faster feedback. SEO typically takes anywhere from three to six months before you start noticing the benefits, whereas PPC will give you granular detail on your audience and their habits from the get-go. You can then use this to make your campaigns as iterative and successful as possible for your target audience.

5. Staying ahead of the curve

Speaking of deploying iterative campaigns, having a PPC management strategy and scheme will help small businesses to remain nimble and agile in the face of competition.

With a good PPC scheme in place, you’ll have plenty of data and analytics with which to make and optimise future campaign decisions. Drill down into your company’s statistics and KPIs (key performance indicators), learning from your audience behaviour, and using and applying this knowledge in future campaigns.

This also gives you greater insight on how and where your money is best performing, helping you to better channel your finance in the future. If your KPIs aren’t performing as expected, you can change and adapt accordingly, re-channelling your budget into areas that are delivering.

You can also use PPC in order to test out different marketing strategies, using a/b testing in order to determine whether particular advertising copy is most appealing to audiences, and why. Make use of these numbers in order to enhance your business’s success by way of PPC.

6. Delivered by experts

When you use a PPC agency, you know that your company and its products or services are in the best hands. As a small business, you’ve got enough on your plate without worrying about managing your PPC strategy. An agency will take that responsibility away from you and will apply their expertise and knowledge to maximum effect for your company.

You benefit from the peace of mind in knowing that your business’s PPC management is with industry experts. Your ads are far more likely to perform at a higher standard of success under agency control, and you’ll also be able to keep communication open in order to ensure that you’re always scrutinising your PPC stats so as to continue driving for success.

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