5 reasons PPC advertising makes sense during the Coronavirus pandemic

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The marketing landscape immediately changed following the lockdown measures brought about by the spread of COVID-19.

There isn’t a business in the land that hasn’t been affected in some way, and those that are still able to operate need to adapt their marketing approach, and fast.  With most of the more traditional offline channels off the table, companies need to look towards digital marketing in order to make an impact.

Businesses that had already focussed on effective digital marketing with websites ranking well on Google and a strong social media presence to match are probably faring well right now. However, for organisations that have been slower to adopt good digital marketing practices, all is not lost – paid search (PPC) could be your knight in shining armour. 

Below are 5 reasons PPC advertising makes sense during the Coronavirus pandemic:

Why choose PPC advertising?

1. Quick results

Paid search is relatively quick to set up and provides instant results. It will put your website in front of your clients even if your website SEO is poor.  If done correctly and with sufficient budget, your website will be seen at the top of Google and your social media ads will appear on the timelines of your target audience.

2. Set budget

You can choose your own budget, you pay as you go and your spend will not exceed that amount. There is no long-term obligation and you can increase or decrease your budget or even switch off the ads at any time. Be very careful if you choose to have stab at setting up your own campaigns – if you don’t set your budget correctly you could find yourself with an extremely large bill.

3. Highly targeted

PPC advertising can be tailored very precisely to your target audience. You can choose the geographic location, relevant search terms, age demographics and even times of day that most closely fit the profile of your ideal customer.

4. Only pay for clicks

You only pay when someone actually clicks on your advertisement.

5. Measurable

Unlike offline advertising you can see exactly how many people have clicked on your campaign. What’s more, it is possible to see results in real time which allow you to make tweaks and refinements as you go.

It is clear to see why PPC is a great option for many accountants and accounting firms during the pandemic.

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