5 ‘Calls to Action’ you should have on your website right now

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When you go to the trouble of getting visitors to your website, whether from your social media channels, SEO or PPC, you really shouldn’t waste this opportunity to engage further with your visitors.

Calls to action are a means of getting your visitors to ‘raise their hand’ to find out more about your products or services and how you can specifically help their business.

They are of particular importance right now so that customers and prospects can maintain contact with your company, particularly if they cannot speak to members of your team who may be furloughed.

There are various types of call to action that you can use, and we have grouped then into 5 key segments. Ideally, we would recommend using at least 2-3 of these on your website.

1. Quick wins

Some calls to action are easy to set up and it is likely that you will already have the necessary content to link to. As soon as a visitor arrives on your website, think about getting them to make one extra click to read some of the best proof points on your site. These can include

  • Hear what our customers are saying – linking to a page of testimonials
  • Read our latest case study
  • Watch our video

2. Gated content

Gated content simply means that users will need to share some basic contact data in order to see your more valuable content, and most users are prepared to share their email address in exchange for reading something that they perceive will be of help to them

The benefit to you is that you can collect contact data to organically grow your prospect database and gives you the ability to re-connect with these contacts at some point in the future or ideally as part of a regular communications programme such as a monthly email newsletter.

Examples of gated content that can be used include:

  • Download our brochure
  • Download our latest whitepaper
  • Sign-up for our upcoming webinar

3. Request further information

When visitors can’t find exactly what they’re looking for, make it easy for them to get in touch to request specific information:

  • Request a demo
  • Request call back
  • Contact us – vis email or a contact form
  • Call us

4. Keep in Touch

You should also give visitors alternative methods of keeping in touch with you as you can’t rely on them to keep coming back to your website to find out more.

Instead, give them the opportunity to find out about your latest offers, new blog or other new content via other channels such:

  • Follow us (links to social media channels)
  • Subscribe to our newsletter

5. Live Chat

Live Chat functionality is a pop-up box you can add to your website that allows you to instantly communicate with your website visitors via instant messaging. This is particularly useful for serving and responding to customers during ‘out-of-hours’ periods, or when staff are not able to take calls.

This functionality benefits visitors in that they don’t have to wait for you to call them back but can get a more instant response instead.

Benefits to companies include the ability to offer an enhanced customer service and the opportunity to win more business.

So there you have it – a variety of calls to action to make your website work harder.

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